Made with Love

For the first 20 years of my life, I grew up on a 10-acre 1860's farmhouse in a small town in Michigan. My mother and father were passionate about living a healthy lifestyle - we always maintained a wild garden, raised chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows, and spent most of our time outdoors. My mother began a Daycare business after finishing final home restoration projects, and so for 8 years I would spend my summers making new friends and playing endless games. It was this wonderfully beautiful environment that taught me about kindness, communication, creativity, nature, and health at an early age. When I was 20 years old, I realized I needed to explore new adventures, and so through a series of fateful events I landed in the gorgeous and charming town of the Ojai Valley. It is here that I have found my excitement of jewelry-making, and I have become dedicated to turning my business into my life-long adventure.

Making beautiful jewelry is my life's passion, and I am passionate about having quality materials and tools to work with. I, myself, am the kind of girl who likes to wear one favorite piece all day every day, so creating durable pieces that can handle life with ease is a must. Like many others who are passionate about crystals, I am perpetually drawn in by the beauty, mystery, and uniqueness of our Earth's precious stones. I am always grateful to be able to work with such a magnificent part of our bountiful planet.

I work at my studio in Ojai, California where I am continuously inspired by the colors, mountains,, flowers and wildlife. Growing up on my farm, I will always have a love for nature and animals, and so it is important that my jewelry represents the grace and allure that mother nature has to offer.

Chainsaw lesson! Just kidding..

Lucy & Molly

Springtime greenery